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How to Improve your computer's gaming performance

Method 1: Analyze the computer components

Some games can determine the performance capability of your computer and adjust to

the level as required. However, if you manually adjust the game settings to a level

that your video card and your processor can’t handle, you will experience degraded

performance of the game. We recommend that you make any game adjustments

 one at a time to determine whether each change makes any difference. To make More

How to improving your computer's performance

As computers advance, your computer's Performance can

start to suffer as lots of different programs and websites fill

up its working areas, and every so often they need a good

 clear-out. It is just like servicing a car, and as such there can be quite a bit to remember.All operating systems work best when at least 20% of the drive is kept free. You can make room by deleting unwanted photos, music and documents or by archiving your data on to removable storage like writable CDs. Alternatively,  try buying a second drive to store your documents separate from the operating system. More

Gaming Performance cookies

What are cookies? what should I know about handling them?

Almost every PC user will have at some point or another come across cookies when using a browser to surf the Internet. Do you want to accept cookies?

Do you want to enable cookies, block cookies and of course delete cookies? These are all questions that most of us have been asked by our machines

at some point over the years. More

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